Singing Group

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Scott Murray (  runs the singing group fortnightly (Tuesdays) at Sheila’s house in Selkirk.
Dates this term (Spring 2017) are : 7th and 21st of February and March respectively.
Baloo BaliliDownload PDF 
Coming HomeDownload PDFDownload MP3
Dyker's ComplimentsDownload PDF
Feed the ChildrenDownload PDF
Freedom-Come-All-YeDownload PDF
Jute-Mill-SongDownload PDF
Lassie-wi-a-Yellow-CoatieDownload PDF
Lord's my Shepherd (The)Download PDF
Nae-VoiceDownload PDF
Puir-Rovin-LassieDownload PDF
Rathlin-SkyDownload PDF
Rattlin-Roarin-WillieDownload PDF
Shian-RoadDownload PDF
Shift-and-SpinDownload PDF
So Here's to YouDownload PDF
Somewhere-along-the-RoadDownload PDF
Tail ToddleDownload PDF
The-Same-Wind-Blaws-on-MeDownload PDF
The Sun rises bright in FranceDownload PDF
Time-Wears-AwaDownload PDF
Wee-BirdDownload PDF
Willie-brewed-a-Peck-o-MautDownload PDF
Ye-Banks-and-BraesDownload PDF

Some great songs have been learnt – many in our local Scots dialect- and a few performances are in the offing.



Words and recordings:


shian-willie brewed
rattlin roarin willie
Tail toddle & Dykers
Nae voice & My ain countrie
so here’s to you
Coming Home (Girl)(3)
Coming Home (all)
The Same Wind Blaws on Me
Time Wears Awa
Jute mill song & shift spin
The Lord is My Shepherd


Tune baloo.mp3
low somewhere.mp3
low ain countrie.mp3
low baloo.mp3
high somewhere along.mp3
high baloo.mp3
high ain countrie.mp3