Riddell Fiddles Juniors

The junior ceilidh band  welcomes any young person on any instrument (age 10+) and promises concerts & ceilidhs to play at. The group meets fortnightly at Argus Centre, Selkirk and the cost of £5 a session includes snack. There are guitar & fiddle tutors as well as a ‘backing band’ to enhance the sound. The youthful ceilidh band are much in demand .








The Moose in the Hoose (JCB)
¤The Arran Boat Song (JCB)
¤Auld Selkirk (JCB)
¤Smedens Anden Fynbo (JCB)
¤Robbie s Nightmare (JCB)
¤High Drive (JCB)

El Choclo – easy   El Choclo – tune
The Highlander’s Revenge – easy       The Highlander’s Revenge – Full
Bear Dance
Mairi’s Wedding
Lucy Farr with High Drive & Jack Daniels
Three Craws (tune)
Three Craws – easy fiddle

The Arran Boat Song for easy fiddle, with strings and fingers
2. The Arran Boat Song tabbed for guitar
3. Jack Daniel’s Reel, to follow The High Drive
4. Jack Daniel’s Reel for easy fiddle, with strings and fingers

Scottish Waltzes (arrangement) – fiddlecello & guitar
which includes:

Waltz set:  – (mp3 file) Lassie wi the Yellow Coatie, Farewell to the Creeks, Scots Wha Hae,

Gay Gordons:  Cock o the Northe – (mp3 file)

Auld Lang Syne – (mp3 file)

Davy Nick Nack – (mp3 file)
Davy Nick Nack – 2nd fiddle

Donald Where’s Yer Trousers – (mp3 file)

Four Poster Bed – (mp3 file)

Kate Dalrymple (new version) – (mp3 file)

Robbie’s Nightmare
Robbie’s Nightmare – score
Robbie’s Nightmare – 2nd fiddle

Smedens Anden Fynbo – (mp3 file)
Smedens Anden Fynbo – score
Smedens Anden Fynbo – 2nd fiddle

The Wheels on the Bus

There’s a Mouse in the House – (mp3 file)
There’s a Mouse in the House Fiddle 1
There’s a Mouse in the House Fiddle 2
There’s a Mouse in the House – guitar