Back Row Band


Back Row Band is the adult learner ceilidh band  and generally  caters for the less young player . The band meets every second Monday at the Argus Centre, Selkirk  (7.30 – 9.00 pm) and are often in demand to play at parties, concerts and ceilidhs. Their sound is enhanced by an excellent support band who , with keyboard, double bass,percussion, guitar and vocals hold the fiddles together.

Circassian Circle Set 1
Hamish's Tune/Aitken Drum/Babes in the Wood
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Jigs for Flying Scotsman
The Weaver and his Wife/Edmund Mackenzie of Plockton/Midlothian Pipe Band/The Steamboat
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Saint Bernard's Waltz (orig.) with Bonnie Gallowa' & Jock o'HazeldeanDownload PDFDownload MP3
Strathspeys Set
'S ann an Ile/The Smith's a Gallant Fireman/Brochan Lom
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