Honoria Tomkins Galwey

To create an accessible collection of some of Miss Galwey’s tunes – to form a musical resource

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Tunes from ‘Old Irish Croonauns'(1910)- published by Boosey & Co. London

Honoria Tomkins Galwey (1830 – 1925) is an almost forgotten tune collector from Ireland whose  published collection of folk music and songs presents a unique snapshot of tunes played around the  Inishowen peninsula in Co. Donegal, Eire during the 1830s.

In 2016 the Inishowen Traditional Music Project commemorating local events at the time of the 1916 Easter Rising in their project ‘Freedoms Hill’, uncovered some of her tunes (Filmed by the Irish Traditional Music Archive for the Inishowen Traditional Music Project, permission granted)  with further research  needed on these valuable ‘musical missing links’ .One of the collected tunes ‘Hudy Macan’s Galoppe is performed here (2016) within a set by Donegal’s Clodagh Warnock and Roisin McGrory.

The mind map below reflects the comments of musicians involved in a project profiling HTG and the table below includes recordings of some of the tunes.. Thank you to musicians -Roisin McGrory, Joleen McLaughlin and Clodagh Warnock from Inishowen peninsula,Co. Donegal for their input with Scottish musicians Sheila Sapkota, Kieran Sapkota, Jenni Borthwick and Tony Manning also supported this venture.. Recordings were mostly  done informally in March 2018  at a kitchen type session in Gortgowan House, Moville (where Miss Galwey lived all those years ago) with a hand held device (iPAD).(Thank you to present owner Rosh Warnock).

Mind map key  – To help understand the pictorial representation (below) of a sample of quotes from local musicians (as named above) in Co. Donegal regarding Miss G’s tune collection

TUNESource Notes
(Galwey 1910)
PDF (original)PDF (Some musical alteration)MP3 (original)Mp3 (some musical alteration)
Blackbird (The) Learnt from a fiddler- words by Moira O'Neill. It is an ideal song.Download PDFDownload PDFDownload MP3Download MP3
Dark-haired GirlLilted by Mary Cooke, Moville, Co. Donegal. From memoryDownload PDFSame key but different styleDownload MP3Download MP3
Hudy Macan's 'Galoppe'.
Learnt from fiddler Hudy Macan 50 years ago - his own composition.Download PDFDownload PDFDownload MP3Download MP3
Galoppe/Munster Lasses set
From a very old manuscript bookDownload PDFDownload PDFDownload MP3Download MP3
Pigeon on the Gate
Learnt at Moville in 1849 from a blind fiddler 'Paddy the Slithers'.Download PDFDownload PDFDownload MP3Download MP3