As a fun music – group grades are not our prime focus – but the results do make it all worthwhile. The resources linked below are REALLY important. Don’t forget the finger patterns for the scales in the table below. These will help

Here are some packs for each grade. READ them carefully and print out the correct grade’s Fiddle Syllabus . Take note of the scales required as well as the fiddle fingering charts and recordings for each scale below.

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5

Key Sharps or FlatsGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5
E majorF,C,G and D - all sharps1 octave2 octaves
A majorF,C and G - all sharps1 octave2 octaves2 octaves2 octaves2 octaves
D majorF and C sharps1 octave1 octave2 octaves2 octaves2 octaves
B minorF and C sharps1 octave2 octaves2 octaves
G majorF sharp2 octaves2 octaves2 octaves2 octaves2 octaves
E minorF sharp1 octave1 octave2 octaves
C majorNone1 octave2 octaves2 octaves
A minorNone1 octave2 octaves2 octaves2 octaves
F majorB flat1 octave1 octave
D minorB flat1 octave2 octaves2 octaves
B flat majorB and E flats1 octave2 octaves2 octaves
G minorB and E flats1 octave2 octaves2 octaves2 octaves
E flat majorB,E and A - all flats1 octave2 octaves
C minorB,E and A - all flats1 octave2 octaves

Fiddle Fingering (pdf files)

SCALESharps or FlatsPDF (Finger pattern)MP3
E majorF#,C#,G#,D#Download PDFDownload MP3
A majorF#,C#,G#Download PDFDownload MP3
D major - Rick (1,IV,V)chords- scale exerciseF#,C#Download PDF
D majorF#,C#Download PDF
B minorF#,C#Download PDF
G majorF#Download PDFDownload MP3
G major exercise stepping up and down in thirdsF#Download MP3
G major - Rick (1,IV,V) chords- scale exerciseF#Download PDFDownload MP3
D mixolydianF#Download MP3
E minorF#Download PDF
C major - Rick (1,IV,V) chords- scale exerciseNoneDownload PDF
C majorNoneDownload PDF
A minorNoneDownload PDF
F majorBbDownload PDF
D minorBbDownload PDF
Bb majorBb,EbDownload PDFDownload MP3
G minorBb,EbDownload PDF
Eb majorBb, Eb, AbDownload PDF
C minorBb, Eb, AbDownload PDF