grades_logo As a fun music – group grades are not our prime focus – but the results do make it all worthwhile.The resources linked below are REALLY important. Don’t forget the finger patterns for scales below. These will help yopu.


 Fiddle Syllabus

Fiddle Scales by Grade 2016

A lot of resources and books are

Traditional Music Exams – click here for more details – Riddell Fiddles runs a traditional music grade programme with visiting examiners periodically.

Fiddle Fingering (pdf files)

A major (2 octaves)
A minor (2 octaves)
B minor (2 octaves)
Bb Major (2 octaves)
C major (2 octaves)
C minor (2 octaves)
D major (2 octaves)
F Major (1 octave)
D minor (2 octaves)
E major (2 octaves)
E minor (2 octaves)
Eb Major (2 octaves)
G major (2 octaves)
G minor (2 octaves)