About Us

Learn to play the fiddle today with Riddell Fiddles at the Catholic Church hall   in Selkirk, Scottish Borders.

Riddell Fiddles aims to allow anybody to learn the fiddle, by providing inexpensive fun-filled lessons for young and old alike. It is an ongoing teaching programme run on a termly basis. Anyone wishing to visit or attend any of the sessions or workshops should contact the organisers first.

Originally a fiddle group Riddell Fiddles has now branched out to include performances, and guitar accompaniment, run by Donald Knox. A double bass player (Tony Manning) accompanies most classes. The emphasis is on performing with musicians working together and listening to each other.

Fiddle Lessons and Guitar Accompaniment Classes are  held in the Catholic Church Hall, Selkirk, in the Scottish Borders, on Tuesdays, see diary dates for details.

Each lesson consists of groups and will last approximately 50 minutes. This includes time for a short break/snack (provided) and will let us learn a few exercises to untangle / loosen wrists and shoulders as well as to listen to different types of music. Parents are welcome to stay during a child’s lesson (most end up playing the fiddle themselves). Coffee and biscuits are provided.

Tuition is provided by  local tutors, but visiting musicians are called on to give a workshop if they are playing locally.

These are the people who run Riddell Fiddles!
These are the people who run Riddell Fiddles!